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Workshop in Assam India

Workshop in Assam India

Donation to CNES for its health programmes

Hi friends,
I will be doing a workshop in Assam India until the 19.03.11
As decided during the Brahmaputra expedition, the selected dinghy and outboard engine is donated to CNES for its health programmes by Rib expedition. 
The Ambulance Boat will interact as an emergency boat to pick up fast and bring the patient to the nearest health station.
We hope to be able to safe many lives with this program.

Apart from that, Apal and me will share our expertise with the C-nes skilled boat drivers. We will do a workshop for a couple of days to get the health workers up to the task to handle and maintain such a boat professionally.

As the focus of this expeditions is to generate awareness on issues related to rivers and the people who live by them.
Thanks to all of you who donated some money for the people living along the Brahmaputra river.
Best regards
Andy Leemann.