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Every person is an invaluable part of the Expedition. Meet the team of Kaladan River Expedition.

Andy Leemann
Switzerland, expedition leader.
Andy is a traveller, sailor, boat racer and explorer. After spending many years on sea, Andy decided to settle in Majorca, where he has a business of boating equipments.
While a boat race in South America, he got exposed to rivers and people living on rivers. Ever since, he has organized and lead river expeditions on major rivers across the world.

Apal Singh
India, co-expedition leader and cameraman.
Apal’s first boating experience was while shooting Zambezi expedition for a BBC film. It was enough for him to get hooked, and he has been a regular ever since. He has been looking after logistics of all the expeditions in India.
When he is not exploring rivers with Andy, Apal is a freelance cameraperson, based in Nainital.
He has shot over 50 documentaries and several feature films.

Armin Schoch
Thailand. Armin lives in Thailand since 30 years and is a tourism expert for Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.
He runs his own tour company in Chiang Mai and is involved in several other companies in Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia and Vietnam. Armin was the logistics expert for the Mekong RIB Expedition in 2005.
In his spare time, he loves to explore the remotest areas of Southeast Asia by motorcycle, 4WD vehicle or boat.

Zorba Laloo
India. Zorba Z. Laloo lives and works in the hill station of Shillong, India. He runs the family owned hospitality and food businesses and has been with RIB Expedition & Adventure since the Ganges Expedition 2009.
Inspired by team leader Andy Leemann, Zorba explores and paddles the forests and rivers of North East India.

Michaela Vojtkova
Czech. Demographer loving traveling, people, good food and wine, a good sense of humor and of course India.

Albert Lalrint
Luanga. An amateur adventure enthusiast, lives in Lunglei, Mizoram, India. He is part of the ALMA Youth Adventure Club which is based in Chandmari, Lunglei.
He had previously undergone a Rafting & Canoeing Course. As the Expedition Team decided to have one local person on board who was used to water as well as physically capable, Albert was the right person for the job.
His quietly amiable nature quickly brought himself as a solid member of the International crew.

Miguel Caballero
Spain. Webmaster, designer and Online Coverage.