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Paolo Piattella

“Being on rivers with Andy Leemann and the team of Ribex has rewarded me for what I expected: Professionality in all aspects, reliability, absolute knowledge of what they do, the understanding and friendlines towards people along the rivers. An experience rich in content”.

Thanks again for a incredible experience.

Armin Schoch

CEO Impulse tourism Thailand

I have met Andy Leeman in 2004 when he was preparing for the Mekong Expedition. As I had undertaken a very similar expedition just two years prior to our first meeting, we immediately found ourselves on common ground as we started dealing with all the logistics involved.

I found in Andy a pragmatic person with a no-nonsense approach to all problems big and small and it is no wonder that during the course of the Mekong Expedition in 2005, we also became close friends. In the years since, we have shared many an exciting trip or lesser river expedition together and I would recommend Andy as a trustworthy and reliable partner in any tourism or adventure project immediately and without reservation.

Sijbrand Booij

General & Event Manager EVM19 - Offshore RibEvents

“I am a lucky to say that I have already had a fair share of adventure travels. Backpacking through South America, motorcycle traveling in Southern Africa, 6 times being part of the Dakar Rally in several aspects and a general sense for adventurous events has given me a history. But, when Andy called me to tell me about his plans for the South American Ascend by River, I was hooked immediately! Being in the middle of the jungle, just with a couple of like-minded, floating softly on those amazing rivers and camping by their untouched banks, it is a whole new sense of adventure.

A perfect combination of adrenaline, silence, nature, comradery, friendship. And due to intense planning and research by Andy, very well doable as well. The area we travelled through was not without danger. Crocodiles, fuel-worries, potentially hostile local communities and plain drugs smugglers, were only a few of the potential problems we could run into. And some we did encounter, it obviously was not a 5-star luxury leisure trip. But indeed it was a million star adventure travel!

Without any doubt I have trusted Andy with the management of and lead during this amazing venture, and for sure I would do it again!”

 – General & Event Manager
EVM19 – Offshore RibEvents