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October 30th, Tuesday (Part II)

On his second attempt, he almost made it through and, battling with the strong current, his propeller hit a rock, the engine stopped and he had to turn back again.

On the third attempt, he tried to enter the rapids with maximum speed but then could not hold the course he intended and smashed into a big wave, toppling over everybody in the boat and filling it up with loads of water. Without a running engine, the boat started drifting downriver but it was impossible to stop it from running onto another rock where it remained stuck and would no longer move. Under the direction of Andy, we secured the boat and eventually got it afloat again.

We decided then to call it a day and found a beautiful camp site immediately below the rapid. After the boats had been unloaded, Andy invited Armin on his boat and, without any other load, gave Armin a demonstration on how to master these rapids, negotiating them on the way up and practically surfing them on the way down. Dinner consisted of well appreciated spaghetti with tomato sauce prepared by Armin.

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