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October 26th, Friday (Part II)

The villagers also informed us that there were major rapids downstream as we boarded our boats to go on. A few more kilometers downstream we reached the confluence of a small side river and decided to go into it to have our lunch. We found a very beautiful spot where we could also swim and decided there and then to spend the rest of the day here, set up camp and take it easy.

While Andy went downstream with Zorba and Apal to check out the rapids, the rest of the crew set up camp and started cooking dinner. Andy reported that the rapids were another 10 kms downstream and that we would have to port at least a good part of our equipment. Dinner consisted of spaghetti with an excellent tomato sauce and Albert surprised everyone with a bottle of local wine (actually made from real grapes) which he had been able to pick up in Tupui D.

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