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Lena Expedition Announcement

I’m delighted to announce the Lena River Expedition 2021.

The Lena is the 10th-longest river in the world, flowing 4400 km across the Far East regions of Russia, forming near Lake Baykal and flowing north-east to the Arctic Ocean. It empties in a huge delta at the Laptev Sea. The river is home to many kinds of animal and plant life but only for a few months out of the year; the rest of the time, the river is frozen solid.

As you all are aware, logistics and sponsorship are two key pillars of any such expedition. We have started working with several experts to ensure smooth sailing.
Any help, support and commitment will help tremendously to make the impossible …POSSIBLE!

If you feel like joining or supporting this once in a lifetime journey read the attachment and contact us.

Lena River Expedition 2021

Navigating 4400Km with inflatable boats, Siberia’s largest River, from the Source to the Arctic Ocean.

Schedule and Route:
 15 June to 24. July 2021
The expedition will take about 40 days, and is scheduled to begin around the 15. June. This is the best weather window with an average temperature of ca. 18 to 20 C. For seven months of the year, the Lena River is bound by ice, in many places over a meter thick. The Lena typically opens up in the second half of May.

Details of the route planning will depend very much on the task awaiting the team along the way.

You can join the entire trip or one of the two stages.
Stage 1: Biryulka to Yakutsk, 25 days, 2550 km.
Stage 2: Yakutsk to Tiksi, 16 days 1640 km.

Hope you can join us.
Best regards,