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January 22
Rushing out of Punta Arenas

Travel Diary: January 22
Rushing out of Punta Arenas

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Well, we took only a bit of glacier ice for our whiskey – The Chilean marine isn’t as frugal as we are.


Rushing out of Punta Arenas
Rushing out of Punta Arenas – by Andy Leemann
The Capitania in Punta Arenas informed that the Harbour is closed because of strong winds. Ivor and me tried to convince the captain to let us go, since our boats were in danger of getting squashed between the big ships. Finally they let us leave for a Refugio about 22nm away where we could ride out the storm. Many fishing boats where in Puerto Ambre for shelter and we had a very pleasant night in our tents without too much wind.

It was our big goal and we reached it today. It was two days since we entered Estrecho De Magallanes or the Magallan Strait, navigating some beautiful passages through channels and Open Ocean. With amazing wildlife as our company.

Dolphins, whales, Penguins and most amusing of them all – Sea Lions. As if they appear from time to time to say check out our progress. I would like to thank all our well-wishers and supporters. And a big thanks to OXXEAN, the Captions of Patagonia. This expedition would have been impossible without their support and guidance. They have helped us with information, unloading of containers, logistics and provided us with 1600 liters of fuel at a very reasonable price. Most importantly they were very friendly and we always got very positive vibes.

Once again big thanks to OXXEAN Marine! – Andy