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End of The World

January 20
Cape Horn: Graveyard of Ships

Travel Diary: January 20
Cape Horn: Graveyard of Ships

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Cape Horn: Graveyard of Ships
Puerto Natales – Punta Arenas 275nm
Having Dominic and Neil on board made my life much easier since this guys joind the daily work with full force. Carlos and Miguel decided to take a break and travel by car to Punta Arenas. The trip was long and when we finally reached the Magellan Street we all had a big grin on our faces, reaching this famous place and being able to navigate from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean.
The waves got bigger and more power full and we started to have problems with the huge following sea. We did find shelter in a small bay and the wind made camp a bit complicated. The springe tide forced us to move the camp two times. Early morning we met a family of 7 whales and enjoyed having them right next to our Ribs. We got so used to the cold weather and the strong seas that we no longer suffered and having the Henry Lloyds equipment plus 6 to seven layers it almost got comfortable. Happy to arrive in Punta Arenas, having there our great friend Gonzalo from Agunsa logistics we got right away organized with fuel and all the things we needed to do.

In the company of Dolphins: We love our new friends!