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End of The World

January 14
On the glacier Jorge-Montt

Travel Diary: January 14
On the glacier Jorge-Montt

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No camping again, how convenient! In Puerto Aguirre the crew could sleep for two days in a hut of the national park.


On the glacier Jorge-Montt
Caletta Tortels, Glacier Jorge Montt. 70NM
Was a busy time for us, gasoline, supplies, tending Ribs and engines and enjoyed a nice Hostal with hot water and great food. We decided to visit the Glacier Jorge Montt which is a tide water glacier and lies in the north end of the southern Patagonian Ice Field. This trip will be never forgotten just from another world.

It was a long day, and we had covered 174 km, a new record of the expedition. By the way… Have you ever seen a calving glacier?


Do you like Mariachi-Bands? Senen Cruces-Aviles and his brother gave us a private concert. Senen is a teacher in Caleta Tortel – and taught himself playing these songs.