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January 11
A walk through Puerto Aguirre

Travel Diary: January 11
A walk through Puerto Aguirre

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Half of the team was busy refilling the tanks – so the others had some time off. They took a walk in Puerto Aguirre, met kids in the streets, bought some food – and took some photos for you of this charming Chilean village.


A walk through Puerto Aguirre
On sunday we were stuck the whole Day in Puerto Aguirre. Because of the good weather we came further than we thought on day 2, so we had to refill our tanks. Quite a mission as we had to get the cans to our boats, ingest the fuel in the tubes so it can flow downwards. Andy, Ivor, Urs and Miguel were busy with this work the whole day.


Fuel is one of the biggest challenges of the expedition. The crew knows, how much the boats need when driving on rivers.

But how will they perform in heavy water? You better have enough with you…


Next up: one of the two tricky parts of this journey.

Do you see the brightness in Andy’s eyes, when he talks about “waves as high as you can see”? 🙂