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Ascending South America

First Impression of Buenos aires 30th August


Patrizia told us, “You have to attend a Tango concert, while in Buenos Aires”. Although tried after day’s work, none could refuse, such an offer. Andy, Stefano, Gaia and Apal, along with Patricia, meet in Cff Club Atletico Fernandez Fierro. This club was started by the group Orquesta Fernandez Fierro. This group has revolutionised the Tango music. it was amazing experience to have attended the show, totally blown by the lead singer Julieta Laso. It was a memorable start to what will be a equally memorable expedition.

Juliet laso is the current voice of orchestra Atlético Fernandez Fierro. Besides singing with the group, she is also actress par excellence. And well known for her radical views about socio-poltical issues.

Tango was born here in Argentina along the boarders of River Plate. Like again tree it grows here, in Buenos Aires where it’s roots belong.
From dance halls, to street performance, “Tango is always in the air”.

In winters, trees without leaves and strong, cold wind welcome you in Buenos Aires. But baring few days, rainy days, warm strong sun is always there.

Buenos Aires the great melting pot of different cultures, communities. Also it is a super mix of art and culture. New and old stand near each other and rub shoulders. It seems there is space for all, ruling shoulders with each other without conflicts.

El Ateneo.
The Creme de la creme of bookstores in here in Buenos Aires. Old theatre Tetros Grand Splendid designed by architects Pero and Torres Armengol, in 1919.
First converted to a film theatre and later into a book shop. Considered as the most beautiful book shop of the world, this shrine of books requires respect to be paid…

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