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Ascending South America

Festival from Bolivia 31th August

Every saturday Buenos Aires had has cultural festival from different countries. We had a chance to attend the festival from Bolivia. It was a full on carnival and festive atmosphere, food, dance, music and a general happy mood all around.

Evening of music, danced just pure joy.

Many different dance groups passed by, one right after the other. Each in different costumes, music band but all full of energy.

These dances are performed in the during carnivals, such as famous Carnival of Oruro.

These folk dances were part of indigenous culture, banned by the Spanish in 17th century. The later they were incorporated in the Christian rituals, and hence survived to this day.

Carnival Oruro is of the UNESCO’s Masterpieces of oral and intangible Heritage of Humanity.
It was young and old all dressed in amazing colourful attires. And all were happy to get their pictures taken. And Apal our photographer was more then happy to take their pictures.


Street art and the murals of aboriginal on the street.


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