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Lena River Expedition



Lena Expedition 2021

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Let us know what are you would like to be involved in.

Andy Leemann has considerable experience in preparing and implementing such projects and will be inviting interested parties to discuss the scope and scale of this expedition and their level of participation.

You might be interested to talk to the team about your interest and discuss how you might get involved.

The attraction of public and media attention will provide partners the opportunity to present their projects.

Media, Film and Photography

Every river has a story to tell. Andy Leemann is not your average adventurer. He explores the world through epic river journeys. He has completed amazing and sometimes most inhospitable waterways.

The participants experiences a journey like hardly anybody has done before in inlfatable boats. This trip unites experts on many subjects. Film-makers, producers, hosts and adventurers come together on this epic journey.

The team sails with inflatable boats. So the expedition comes closer to humans, animals, and plants than anyone else before. We sleep in tents and cook over fire.

Team Background

The expedition Leader AndyLeemann and his team have already travelled the rivers Mekong, Zambezi, Ganges, Brahmaputra, Yukon and many more other rivers.

In 2016 he defeated Cape Horn with inflatable boats and his last project was The Ascent of South America over 8 rivers. Now the next challenge is to navigate the Lena River from the source to the delta.


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