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Northwest Territories – Canada

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Mackenzie Expedition 2022

Dear friends,

We are delighted to announce the Mackenzie River Expedition 2022. We are in full preparation and if you like to be part of these ones in a lifetime adventure, please do not hesitate to contact us.

–        Over 2,000 kilometres in inflatable boats. The Mackenzie will be the scene of a spectacular expedition in 2022.
–        An international team, will travel from the river’s source to its delta in the Arctic Ocean. The trip will be a unique adventure and awareness project. The participants experience a journey like hardly anybody has done before in inflatable boats. This trip unites experts on many subjects. Film-makers, producers, hosts and adventurers come together on this epic journey.
–        We are working very hard to the keep the budget as low as possible without compromising on the safety and success of this trip. You can join us for a part or the entire journey.

Space is limited

Start: 15.July 2022, Yellowknife  –  Finish: 11. August in Inuvik, 

–          Yellowknife – Inuvik – Tuktoyaktuk Beaufort Sea, Arctic                           22 days; € 4800.- Pers.

–          Possibility to join 14 Days, please get in contact with me.               14 days; € 2800.- Pers.

Fitness and Commitment:
Last but not the least, this is going to be a physically and mentally challenging Expedition. Fitness and endurance is important. The river is long and the temperature will be between 12-18C, but nights can be cold. You do not have to be a white water person since the Mackenzie River is gentle. We are sleeping most of the time in tents, but there are some camps and lodges on the way.


Interested to be a Media Partner or an NGO:
Reports, images and videos of this multimedia voyage will be published  daily on the internet and can be followed by a huge audience.
Please get in contact with us! We are always looking for great Ideas and projects!!

Andy Leemann, a Swiss boating expert and expedition leader who travelled the Amazon, Orinoco, Mekong and Zambezi and many more rivers, on previous expeditions, will organize this journey on Canada’s most vital river together with his partners, John Apps and Tom Sell.

–        We have attached the PDF for this trip. Hope you can join us.

Your company and contribution is invaluable.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

With best regards

Andy   Leemann

Andy   Leemann  
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 John Apps   
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