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Ganges Expedition

Culture and nature up close

The Ganges Expedition which began in the Indian Himalayas on 14 September 2009, has successfully completed over half of its route down the Ganges River. This project is supported by Kuoni. Experienced Swiss


October 8th, Kuoni Group

Green Cross

respalda una expedición para mostrar las amenazas que sufre el río Ganges

Green Cross Internacional (GCI) respalda la “Expedición al Ganges”, una iniciativa del aventurero suizo Andy Leemann, que pretende mostrar el estado del (…)

Green Cross España

Swiss Explorer

on Ganga voyage

Swiss adventurer Andy Leemann has led expeditions on the Amazon, Mekong, Orinoco and Zambezi. But his experiences of the last 35 days seem to have left him spellbound. Leemann was leading the 15-member Ganges (…)

October 20, Times of India

Ganga is sick,

not dying

Ananya Dutta KOLKATA: Heaving three boats that weigh nearly a thousand kilograms over dried river beds, suddenly walking into a fair in an obscure village, a crewmember down for a week with

October 21, World News

Voyage propels river tourism

Global team sails the Ganges

A 2,500km voyage down the Ganga on inflatable boats by a Swiss explorer and his team has culminated in a river tourism drive by the state government and

Oct. 22th, The Telegraph

Adventurers from 6 nations

go down Ganga for a cause

Kolkata, Oct 19 (IANS) After 35 days of journey down the Ganga, a 15-member crew led by Swiss adventurer Andy Leemann arrived here Monday having coursed 2,521 kilometres down the mighty (…)

Oct. 19th, Thaindian News

The River Song

What Edmond Hillary could not accomplish, they have. An expedition on the Ganga, or Ganges, led by Swiss adventurer and CEO of Rib Expedition & Adventure Andy Leemann has covered Ganga (…)

Oct. 25th, Financial Express

AB Inflatables selected

for Ganges Expedition

AB Inflatable Boats has been selected to build three inflatable boats to carry the Ganges Expedition 2009 in September on a 2,500km exploration of the Indian holy river Ganges to (…)

August 10th, Bym News

Ganga Expedition Ends

A 2,500-km-long expedition along the Ganga to “draw attention to the river in the context of global warming” successfully concluded on Saturday at Gangasagar, where the river meets the Bay of Bengal. A film documenting the expedition will be screened at (…)

October 19th, The Hindu

Inflatable Boats

Travel down the Ganges

Ganges Expedition 2009 selects AB Inflatables to carry personnel, supplies on 2,500km exploration “Ganga Ma – Mother Ganges” The Ganga, especially, is the river of India, beloved of her people, round which are intertwined her (…)

august 12th
Lakeland Boating

Ganges Expedition

Kultur und Natur hautnah erleben

Die am 14. September 2009 im Himalaja in Indien gestartete und von Kuoni unterstützte Ganges Expedition hat erfolgreich über die Hälfte der Ganges-Route zurückgelegt. Das Team rund (…)

October 10th Sourcews

Expédition le long du Gange

un voyage pour l’avenir

Le projet « Ganges-Expedition » a démarré le 14 septembre sous la direction de l’aventurier suisse Andy Leemann qui dispose d’une large expérience en la matière. Une équipe internationale de (…)