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Day 65 9th November

Stefano hugs his engine one final time, his companion for more then two months and and 6500 km.


Boats tied for one last time. As they posed for photo with boats for last time, thought finally sunk in, that expedition is finally over. It was very special and bit emotional moment for crew members.


Andy getting ready for the day.


Flowers have the power to grow anywhere. Life!!.


Confluence of Rio Negro and Rio Solimões.
Just east of Manaus, Rio Negro meets Solimoes to form Amazon proper. The distinct black colour of Rio Negro merges with lighter colour.


Ascending South America Expedition.
Marina, ours last.


Andy gives his final speech, thanks to the crew under over powering Opera house of Manaus.


Manaus. Gateway to Amazon.


Expedition may have ended, but much work is pending, endless paper work, awaits.


Andy takes his boat out of Marina,in the direction of Manaus. Last ride of the expedition.


End of long expedition and everyone in reflective state.