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Ascending South America

Day 63 7th November

Andy packing the boats at the end of the day, while people come in after shopping from next big town.

Lunch break at Borba, a relatively big town south of Manaus.

Steen’s tube started to leak air again and very fast… His weight was reduced and he had drive sitting on the other side of boat. We presumed that his patch had come off, but it turned out that it was his other hole due to defective tube that had opened up.
On the river front we were provided space and Stefano got down to repair tube all over again. Humidity was high, which is not good for glueing, Stefano found a solution to heat it up with hair dryer.
Ajax a boat engine mechanic from Borba, roasting local fish for lunch.
River front in Borba, Rio Maderia.
Werner and Pablo admiring the river early morning.
At end of the day, however tried one is tried the boats have to packed for the night. Andy at the job.
Breakfast time the camp.
Pablo getting ready for the day, with a big smile.

Early morning sun

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