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Ascending South America

Day 59 3rd November

Steen starting his engine and ‘choking’.

View of Rio Maderia from Aripunana, a small settlement and important hub for river transport.

We stayed in guest house instead of camping… at the harbour Pablo was on duty to look out for luggage.
Stefano is for only native language speaker. So it is always his responsibility to get local information.
Sun set at the confluence of River Madeira and river Aripuana in the town of Novo Aripuanā.
At the harbour at Novo Aripuanā. Several all and small boat go up and down on the river. Only transport for the people living in these areas.
Boats were docked at local boat repair shop. They were well looked after here.
While upper decks are people lower deck transport good. This ship had just comedown from Manaus, our destination.
Pablo heading back to boat after food shopping.
journey on these boats can be several day longs. They have no cabins, just hammocks in open decks are for sleeping.
Fuel was always big issue for us till now. But as we come closer to Manaus,it is easily available.Not only we get fuel easily we get it on the river now, saving us the from handwork of lifting heavy fuel bags.
Although not many, sand banks are still an issue and constantly alter driving is required. Never relaxed time on boats.
End of the day.

At the harbour.

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