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Ascending South America

Day 57 1st November

Channel out of Punta Do Campo had shallow water, coupled with lots of tree trunks and required carful navigation.
Andy on the lead boat showed the way.

Village Punta Do Campo is a small village on huge lake formed in the inlet of the river. With our boats it took us more then hour and a half and half to reach here, through narrow passages, and thick jungle. This isolated village has a 56 families.

Getting ready to leave in the morning.
Wenger trying his best to protect himself from sun.
Doce was first person we meet when reached village and she took good care of us From offering a us place to camp to allowing us her bathroom she was answer to all our problems.
Next morning she took us to show village and her fields.
Manicoré is an important point for boat transport to Mananus. These boats are the only transport forward.
Nothing goes to waste in these villages. Old boat finds ample utilisation in a kitchen garden.
Football is hugely popular sport in Brazil,and is everywhere TV to streets.
Pablo drained due to sun takes a break in the village.
On the way to village.

Anna Bella a shy girl from the village, did agree for photo but just one picture.

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