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Ascending South America

Day 55 30th October

Gold mining in progress.
Picked up local person. Who was very happy for lift, much faster then his slow boat.
In scorching heat and 90% humidity crew badly needed rest, and boats too. Some shade, any shade helped.
Due to various reasons, gold mining dredgers are often discarded on the banks on river.
Some to be used later, some just because it is too expensive to transport them to new location.
Most of the local boats are generators which are fitted with a long shaft propeller and handle which acts as throttle.
With no roads in these area, these flat bottom boats are life line.
Stefano hit agree trunk hard today, lucky there was no damage to his engine or propeller. He was not happy to say the least, but he was more annoyed that there was photo to document it. Crew had a good laugh.
In some areas more then 30 to 40 gold mining dredgers are lined up.

Andy does one final check on his GPS, Steen hydrates himself while Stefano who does not like to wait is in mid river.

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