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Ascending South America

Day 54 29th October

Sand banks still appear,sometimes from nowhere. Andy’s boat so stuck so badly that Stefano had to toll it out.
Village Calama is another small settlement on the river which totally disconnected with the world. Nearest road is three hours of boat ride.
A floating shop on Madeira.
While navigating the river, constantly there is a look for short cuts on the river. Sometimes that takes us to narrow channels, with less or no water.
Indigenous name of Madeira river is Cuyari, also called wood river.
Cumin lake.
Dense forest in one the channels on the river.

The petrol pompon the river also functions as ferry point for many, baby was one of them.

At Humaita, there was a petrol pump right on the river, catering to all the big and small boats which go up and down the river. It was such a relief for us, not to got to town and carry heavy bags back to boat.

Although the river is wide but occasionally we sneak in some small channels.This small channel took us to a lake called Cumin.

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