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Ascending South America

Day 53 28th October

Andy taking the boat under a low barrage.

Entering a small channel. River has numerous channels, which sometimes connect to main river, and sometimes not. Here this narrow channel lead to two lakes.

A mid river delight.

After unloading boats from truck,we started again. here on the fourth and the final leg of the expedition starts.
In the background are dredgers which are used for gold mining. Madeira river is full of these floating dredgers.

End of the day in a side channel in village Nazarene.

Sergio works in the artisanal gold mining industry along the river. It is long, hard work that goes on non stop day in day out. Sunday is his day off and he spends this playing pool, drinking beer and listening to pop music at a loud volume. His wife Danicha is pregnant with their first child.

After a long and hot day, evening suddenly became dark and cloudy.

Due to dam on the river, it’s course has changed much. These tree trunks are testimony.

Along with these standing trees, there is lottos drift wood in t river. It requires constant watch, hitting them could make serious damage to propeller.

River Madeira carries gravel and silt brought from Andes and Peruvian and Bolivian tributaries.
Deep down in the detritus is gold dust,which is pumped out with primitive air tubes in these barge.
On a good day a barge can make a pound of gold.

Lots of village in the areaare not connected with roads and only connection with outside world boats.These boats are very primitive. And most of them long shaft props, due to shallow water.

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