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Ascending South America

Day 49 24th October

We could only find some balloons for Toni’s birthday celebration. He turned 60 today.

Whole day was overcast and time and again it rained.

Mamore River.

Village San Lorenzo.
Discarded freezers are on the river-side and village are a common sight. Since fishing is very important part of life here, they come very handy. But here in San Lorenzo Cola Cola freezer stood out.

It was raining and difficult to find a good camping ground today, so we stopped and asked at San Lorenzo.And kind and helpful villagers gladly offered us their meeting room to sleep.

Coming down from Indian village Surprisa. Due to rains, already steep slopes were made worst with slippery mud.

Surpresa was a small Indian village with 7 families. But had two schools for the children with two teachers. This was the ‘primary’ school where the teacher also lives.

Meeting of two rivers.

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