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Ascending South America

Day 48 23rd October

When River Guapore meets River Mamore
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Fresh footprints of Jaguar and cubs on a sand beach.

Quick bite during one of the breaks the river.

A celebratory swim at the confluence. Water of Mamore river which comes from the Bolivian mountains is colder anymore muddy.

Footprints… We may not have seen jaguar in this section of the river,but quite sure Jaguars are looking at us hidden behind the bushes.

Edwin and Wenka pulling the boat.

Clear water of Gupore and muddy water of Mamore rivers can be seen at the confluence.

Confluence of Guapore and Mamore rivers.

Toni at the start of the day.

Jumping on to the boat.

Boats waiting for high-water.

At the confluence. The distantly different colours of the two rivers can be seen.

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