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Ascending South America

Day 47 22nd October

Yet another hot day on the river.

Although most the boats we saw are modern aluminium river boats. But we do see wooden boats and even dugout canoe.

Ascending South America Expedition.

Our boats are named after the rivers from South America, Casiquiare, Orinoco and Amazonia. Stefano doing quick mid day engine check on Amazonia.

This section in the river Gupapore was full of rocks and navigating it was difficult. Andy decided to call it “the labyrinth”.

Forte da Beria situated on the banks of Guapore, is considered to a colonial Portuguese era.

Siebrand Booij or Brando as he likes to be called, getting ready for a quick village walk.

Principe da Berra Fortress. Now in ruins but they do tell a story of the colonial past.

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