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Ascending South America

Day 45 20th October

Lunch break.

Mid river refuelling.

Edwin get a lesson in synchronised swimming from Wenka.

At Costa Marques Toni and Brando gave hands to locals, in return made friends and were rewarded with beer.

River spreads wide and flows calmly and suddenly from nowhere we hit sandbanks. Usually it is Andy’s boat that has to take the jolt.

Rocks are increasingly becoming more frequent, which makes the driving a bit extra difficult. And it was not a good day today when one of the boat hit a rock hard. Stefano our engine expert having a look for damage.

Andy directing others boats channel where he thinks there would be more water, while his team gets ready to jump in the water.

Edwin has some thoughts before he jumps in the water to push the boat.

Discarded Helm’s console and boats.

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