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Ascending South America

Day 43 18th October

Dinner with setting sun and on open fire. These are some the perks of being out in nature.

Yet another beautiful camp site.

Lunch on the go.

A quick dip in the water from time to time is a must to cool down.

Toni gets his first boat driving lessons.

Sunset on River Guapore.

Sand banks are becoming frequent now. And often there is no option but to get down and push the boats.

The area we are crossing have very little human settlement. Some small fishing villages is all we come across. Hence distance and possible fuel station have to carefully monitored. Andy down with pen and paper doing his calculations.

Foliage is so dense here on the banks of river that it is not possible to walk more then few steps.

Toni takes out empty fuel bags for refuel at the Pedro Negras. This small settlement had large dark stones just out side the village and hence the name “Pedro Negras”.

Turtles can be seen basking wherever sun can penetrate the foliage.

Ascending South America Expedition.

Stefano still manages to laugh while his boat stands still on a sand bank in the middle of the river.

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