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Ascending South America

Day 42 17th October

Steen and Wenka.

Guapore twist and turns, breaking into several channels and joing again to form a large river. Andy who navigates the river, showing one section.

Break time.

As soon as boat reach bank of river, among the first things to be done is secure the boat. Steen here quickly getting on the job.

No map, no GPS or modern technology can ever replace local knowledge. Andy stops at the Bolivian side for a quick update on what to expect ahead.

River splits into small channels at several places. only to rejoin again with the main channel. These are sometimes ’short cuts’. Andy walking down to check if there was enough water to navigate.

A quick break at the Bolivian side.

Ascending South America Expedition.

Ascending South America Expedition.

Early morning on the river.

Sun rise at Guapore.

Jaribu Storke.

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