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Ascending South America

Day 41 16th October

Days are becoming really hot now, and several ‘dip-break’ are becoming a must. Crew found this beautiful spot, and in no time everyone was in water to cool down.

T shirts and shorts are be being replaced with long arm shirts and long pants. With the scoring sun, they are better protection for sun burn.

Sand banks and rocks are becoming frequent, Andy on the lead boat has to be extra attentive. When sun starts to hit the water it becomes difficult to see sandbanks. Hence you often see Andy standing to look ahead.

Today we completed 4000 km on the river. Although a sand bank was just ahead, but that did not stop the crew to get together for a quick celebration. Great journey so far but still 2500 km more to go.

Andy and Paul pushing the boat on a sandbank.

Ascending South America Expedition.

End of the day at River Guapore.

River Guapore (or Rio Itenez as it is called in Bolivia) The Guaporé River is part of the Madeira River basin. And forms the border between Brazil and Bolivia. The hills in background is the Bolivian side.

Rock face on the Bolivian side.

Paul Boehler.

Toni Pages.

It is not always we run on fuel, there are times they have to moved muses power. Steen doing the job here.

River Guapore.

After every few days we pass by small village or town. These are our lifeline for fuel. Also here we pick up fresh food. In Pimenteiras Edwin our kitchen incharge went to (super mercado) and could not stop himself from fooling around with food.

After a long day on the river everyone needs rest. Boats are no different.

River Guapore.

Ascending South America Expedition.

Edwin is our kitchen incharge for this leg of the expedition. Cooking food is small part of it, bigger and more important is to organise everything.

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