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Ascending South America

Day 34 9th October

Andy checking his GPS before start of the day.

Andy being interviewed by the local radio station.

School children welcomed the crew and it was pleasure to interact with them.

Although they live by the river lots of children have never been on a boat or seen boat closely. They loved to have closer look at our boats and had many questions.

This end of one big section of the expedition. Many would leave here while others would join.

Andy And Stefano introducing the expedition to large group of children.

Klaus presented some video while Stefano translated them.

Unusual visitor.
City of Cáceres by night.
City Plaza.

Children listen to every word Andy had to say.

Klaus Gaia and Paul have lots to share, while XXX works through her phone.

Ascending South America Expedition.

Dance performance before the presentation of team.

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