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Ascending South America

Day 33 8th October

Capybaras are world largest rodent and semi aquatic. We saw lots of them in groups, and solitary too. They are hunted for their meat, and also for body fat.

Once camp was set up, some brave crewmembers set out to explore. Bushes were so thick they could not go further then few meters. But their were still high and they found something to amuse themselves.

Edwin out on the walk.

Ascending South America Expedition.

Another amazing sunset on the river.

Ascending South America Expedition.

Ascending South America Expedition.

Yacare caiman. Usually they are two to three meters in length. But this one was much larger, our guess going up to three meters.

Much to see and observe on the river.

Ascending South America Expedition.

There are many turns in the river, through channels, or sometimes river just bends. And it is always exciting, not knowing what the next turn would bring.

Caiman’s nest with all eggs destroyed. Fresh footprints suggest it was an Iguana.

Fresh footprints of Jaguar and Southern Scremer.

This was last day on river for Alfredo. He and some other crewmembers leave us, while new ones join. And journey continues.

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