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Ascending South America

Day 32 7th October

Each skipper is responsible for their packing on their boat. How the luggage is placed is very critical. It not only defines the balance of the boat but also can be critical in fuel consumption.

It was very heartening to see healthy population of Yacare Caiman in Pentanal. Their apperence may look threating, but they are not the top predators in the food chain, they are food for Jaguars.

Although Pantnal has plenty wildlife which can be fatal, but the animals we were most scared of was mosquitos. Being a wetland they were everywhere and in millions. Moment we got of the boat even in board day, in hot sun, they just swapped us.  Mosquito repellent were not ‘spray’ any longer; it seems we needed to shower ourself with them, which anyways was little help.

Here is Pentanal we saw beautiful trees which come in all shape and sizes.

Caiman Pentanal or Yacare caiman.

Capybara world’s biggest rodent, was one animal spcies we saw in plenty. Sometimes in isolation and at times in group up to 10 to 15.

Baby Capybara.


Iguanas Cannabis.

Camping at fishermen’s place. It is always good to have a roof over. Which really comes handy if we have rain.

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