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Ascending South America

Day 31 6th October

Morning start.

It is very important to predict what is coming ahead expedition. And one important skill is to read cloud formations. Here as we leave the blue sky and head forward, these clouds were warning that a tropical thunderstorm was building up.

Passing ancient Indian rocking carving.

Rock carving by the native Indians.

Today Expedition completed it’s three thousand kms, since we started. Besides a celebrity photo there was not much time. Still a long way to go.

Sun is very strong as travel further, which can really drain energy. Andy taking a well deserved rest after the long day. Navigating river is always hard work, it becomes harder when conditions are not favourable.

A break from sun during the day becomes a must. but often we have to run right back in the boats as shades have thousands of mosquitos. Here was one such break.

For a boatsman it is a pleasure to look at it’s boats all the time. When they move, they float or even they rest. Sometimes it feels they are smiling at you.

Kitchen and tents ready for the night.

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