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Ascending South America

Day 29 4th October

It was pouring and cold but that did not take the beauty away.

As we started big rain started pouring. Water was hitting face like needles and it was not easy for the drivers but they did well. Adriano was the local man guided us through the short cuts which helped save distance, big blessing when we were low on fuel.

Serra do Amolar: The most remote section of the pantanal. Not many can claim to have explored it. With mountains, rivers, lagoons and flood plains all year round, it’s a place where humans need to live in symbiosis with the water. We have been blown away and humbled by the beauty of its landscape.

Piranhas are one of the fishes that dominate the underworld here. The crew was quick to learn that Piranhas are a local delicacy and considered to be most delicious. One way the locals eat like to eat it is in the style of Sashimi, or made into a soup.

Ascending South America Expedition.

Stopover at the local fisherman’s hamlet, when it was racing hard.

A family in the area providing us with shelter from the storm. The constant support and kindness shown by locals.

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