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Ascending South America

Day 28 3rd October

Passing through channels takes us to another world.
These less visited areas always open up something new and exciting for us.

Our wildlife experince is getting richer by the day. Here today we meet another beautiful Panatanal Caiman/Caiman Yacare or Aparecio un Yacare as the locals call it.

Local fisherman are best to check with the route. Here he telling us that further up the channel is closed.

Crystal clear water and hot day, complete recipe to.

Aerial Pantanal.

In the Amoral area of Panatanal, there a patch where water filtered, cleaned with the the vegagtion around. Making it pristine.
Water is so clear one can see till deep down. We saw some Piranha swimming, and we told it is not uncommon to see Anaconda and Caimans but that did not stop from jumping right in.

Adriano was our guide for a day, we stayed in his guest house, which he rans with wife. He was working earlier in big city, and took groups for fishing trips. And hated it.So he choose to come and stay here, far from the maddening crowd.

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