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Ascending South America

Day 25 30th September

Estancia where we could stay. They have 15000 cows.

The goat was slaughtered for the crew as a farewell gift from the farmers.

Day started with nice breakfast, cooked for us at Fazenja Reb oho Sam.

Early morning start. And father and son have different reactions to it.

Evening in the fishing hamlet of Porto Da Manga.

Everyone seem to be fishing in Porto da Manga. This young boy was at it for hours. Did not get much but kept going for it.

A quick stopover.

The crew have mastered the art of fuelling up virtually anywhere.

Andy securing the boats.

Paul is distributing out the lunch. The boats are not the only things that need to be fuelled up.

Shops like these wait for passing ferry. They are the only customers in these small villages.

Fuel is a big issue here.And we have to always to on our toes.
Here Andy talking to sailors, about which place would be best to refuel.

Farmers in the area usually own 10,000 to 15,000 cows. Seeing as there are no roads the only way possible to transport their livestock is by boats along the river.

As villages become more isolated, the chances of finding variety in the shops is very low, so stumbling into Bahia Negras only shop that seemed to have almost everything was a surprise.

Gaia tried and in reflective mood.

Alfredo’s long walk up to the Fort.

Our boats look good from Fort Curumba.

Fort Crumb. And amazing view of the river.

Getting ready after a quick break.

Andy happy to get his boat out.

Boats needs to be dragged out sometimes.

Sunsets are beautiful everywhere in the world, but a sunset in the Pantanal after a long day’s drive is extraordinary.

One of the simple pleasures for the crew is having a roof over their heads for the night and thanks to the kindness of the farmers in Fazenda Rej Ojo Sejam it was made possible.

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