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Ascending South America

Day 24 29th September

Ascending South America Expedition.”

Small bird on flower.

Vulture on ground.

Birds Vulture.

Birds vulture in flight.

Bird in flight.

Bird of prey in flight.

Bird sitting on bush.

Small bird on wire.

Small bird on flower.

Small birds sitting.

Strange bird on boat.

Birds in flight.

Birds several.

Bird in bush.

Bird in flight.

Bird of prey in tree.

Bird in flight and in bush.

Birds starting.

Vultures on fence.

Vulture Siluette.

Bird in flight.

After almost a month in South America it’s hard to not let it’s rhythm and dance take over, even when the boat you’re driving is going over 40km an hour.
Panatanal everywhere we go we see thousands of birds.

Traditional fishermen in their paddling boat. They are easy to manoeuvre and perfectly designed to navigate through small channels.

Paul and Klaus.

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