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Ascending South America

Day 23 28th September

Ascending South America Expedition.”

Jumping on to the boat. A good push so that the boat is in deep water, and the engine can be lowered.

Keeps getting hard, as we keep getting stuck.

Andy tried to go through the vegetation. But could just manages few meters. Getting out was more hard.
Moritz giving a helping hand to pull the boat out.
Edwin has a new head.

Pantanal, world’s biggest wetland. River is bifurcated in several small channels.
They twist and turn and always revealing some new surprise. Every now and then some birds flies past, which we had not seen before.

Paul gets a boat driving lesson from Andy.

River keeps criss crossing. One day we camp in Brazil, and next day in Paraguay. And the third day it may be in Brazil but the other side of river could be Bolivia. In wetlands it is is very difficult to find dry land to camp.
So we often ask to sleep at farmlands and are welcomed with open arms. Here in Paraguay we were offered goat meat, which was cooked on open fire.

When there is no internet, no phone, it I can be time well spend on many things including reflecting.

Andy and Stefano get on the boat to get fuel, in Fuerte Olimpo, a small village in Paraguay.

Finding fuel in this area is very hard. It’s needs planning ahead, and constantly looking for it. Not just finding fuel.
Reaching the fuel station from boat is also a task in itself. Today we were managed well.

Fuerte Olimpo. A small village, in Paraguay. Like everywhere fishing part of integral part of life.

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