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Arunachal Pradesh

The Ultimate Experience!


Paradise exists! Yes, it does, in Arunachal Pradesh.

In the far Northeast of India. A land as yet largely unexplored, and completely unspoiled. From high Himalaya to verdant valley, white capped mountain to steamy jungle, it’s all there. Arunachal borders three countries- Bhutan, Myanmar and China.

It is a land where civilizations have met, where peoples and cultures have mingled. Over a hundred tribes, thirty languages, a treasure trove of flora and fauna, this is indeed the last frontier.

We offer you an unparalleled opportunity to journey to this fascinating region.

TRibal Life

A secret destination to experience rural tribal life.

Arunachal is a kaleidoscope of cultures, a hundred and more tribes; each is distinctive, their way of life insulated till recently by the region’s inaccessibility.

A wide variety of activities to suit every type of traveller like off-road enthusiast, hiking, River rafting, canoeing, boat safaris and night spotlight safaris, to name a few. 

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Travel along the Siang River, transformed from the Tsangpo of Tibet, and destined to become the mighty Brahmaputra, the son of god. Enjoy the river on a Raft and camp next to tribal villages.

Would you wish to concentrate on the profusion of bird life-over five hundred species? The varieties of orchids? The hundreds of butterflies, many rare? Would you seek out the big cats-tigers and leopards, clouded or spotted? Go after the red panda, the takin, or the Himalayan black bear? Or simply go fishing.

Enjoy the hospitality of the local tribes.