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Wordwide Expeditions

“Once in a lifetime experiences”

The exploration of the giant river systems of Asia, Africa and Latin America is one of the last big adventures on earth. In a world that is running out of “classical” adventures, river expeditions are the response to the individual`s desire to find uniqueness, unlimited horizons and special and lasting experiences.




Navigating  2000 KM in Canada’s North West Territories with inflatable boats from Great Slave Lake to the Arctic Ocean.


THE MIGHTY MACKENZIE IS CANADA’S COOLEST WATERWAY. It’s the King of Rivers that surges through centuries and courses through a culture. It links mountain and sea. Past and future. Man and beast. And when you gaze upon it, or ride its mighty currents, its spirit will flow through you, too. Up here, it is called the Deh Cho – the great river. For the Dene of the Northwest Territories, since time immemorial, it has been a superhighway, grocery store, and church.

Even today, this is the river that weaves the North together. It is the longest waterway in Canada, at the heart of an ecosystem and world-view. Hunters and fishermen still travel its channels. Fish throng its depths. Moose and musk oxen tread its banks. Villages flank its shores. And cargo-barges and ice-roads traverse it, bridging vast distances and different worlds.



Adventure Travel

Years of experience leading expeditions on some of the remotest rivers in the world gives Andy a unique perspective on river travel.

If you are looking for unique trips away from the usual tourist trails, Andy knows the best out of the way places to explore.

We offer organised packages with trusted local guides  as well  as  bespoke trips. Get in touch today  to find the adventure you’ve been looking for.

Custom Tender Designs

Rib Expedition can offer expert consultancy with  custom tender designs, no matter your requirements

About Andy

Andy is a traveller, sailor, boat racer and explorer. After spending many years on sea,  he got exposed to rivers and people living on rivers. Ever since, he has organized and lead river expeditions on major rivers across the world.

The objective of Rib Expedition & Adventure is the worldwide organization and realization of river expeditions with rigid inflatable boats, so called ribs. The expeditions lead into regions and rivers where navigation with regular vessels is impossible.

The initial expeditions will be carried out by a small and experienced core team including some journalists (film, photo, print) who will document the trip. Subsequently their accounts will be published through all appropriate media channels. 

After the first exploration follow-up expeditions are planned with a greater number of participants. The trips planned have their roots in historical undertakings. They mirror the expeditions dared by 18th century explorers and lead into the deep jungle and untouched regions which have remained almost unchanged since the days of pioneering.



Ascending South America

We will travel along the entire 6500km length of the continent, from the Delta of the Paraná river in Buenos Aires,  towards Manaus.

End of The World

Navigating Cape Horn
3500km with Rigid Inflatables Boats
Chile – Argentina – Patagonia – Straight of Magellan – Cape Horn

Wa Expedition

An epic trip by 4×4 amongst the Wa people in Northern Myanmar, exploring an area seldom visited by the outside world

Incredible Experience

“Professionality in all aspects, reliability, absolute knowledge of what they do …”

A trustworthy and reliable partner

 “I found in Andy a pragmatic person with a no-nonsense approach to all problems big and small and it is no wonder that during the course of the Mekong Expedition in 2005, we also became close friends. …”

A perfect combination of adrenaline, silence, nature, comradery, friendship.

I found in Andy a pragmatic person with a no-nonsense approach to all problems big and small and it is no wonder that during the course of the Mekong Expedition in 2005, we also became close friends.